Zero2IPO Group started its business in 2000 and is a leading venture capital and private equity service provider and a well-known investment firm in China. The two business models—Zero2IPO Ventures and Zero2IPO Partners drive the strategic layout in the VC/PE market.

Zero2IPO is committed to providing the industry with leading venture capital and private equity service that covers every process of equity investment. Zero2IPO Ventures went public on the HKEx (HKG: 1945) in 2020. Its online and offline multi-platform and matrix products and services built in the past 20 years have become the “infrastructure” of China‘s venture capital and private equity market. Zero2IPO boasts seven businesses: Zero2IPO Research, Zero2IPO Consulting,Zero2IPO Media, Zero2IPO SandHill College, Zero2IPO Innovation , Zero2IPO International and Zero2IPO Capital. It also covers PEDATA MAX, PEdaily.cn, Deal Market, Sandhill College and Zero2IPO Securities, providing timely, accurate and effective data statistics, information, investment and financing matching, online learning and investment banking services for the industry.

Zero2IPO Partners includes Zero2IPO Venture Capital, Zero2IPO FOF and Zero2IPO Industry Investment. The total asset under management exceeds 30 billion yuan, and it has invested in more than 200 enterprises and more than 100 sub-funds. It focuses on medical and health, information technology, intelligent manufacturing, new consumption, innovative sci-tech and other sectors.

  • 2001

    Holding the first CVCF Releasing China VC/PE Annual Ranking

  • 2002

    Founding Zero2IPO Research and Zero2IPO Capital

  • 2005

    Introducing strategic investment

  • 2006

    Establishing our first USD fund
    Releasing China’s Venture 50 List

  • 2007

    Launching the first VC/PE big data platform PEdata.cn

  • 2008

    Holding China LP Summit

  • 2009

    Establishing our first RMB fund

  • 2010

    Launching PEdaily.cn—the VC/PE web portal

  • 2014

    Setting up our first industry investment fund with listed companies

  • 2015

    Establishing three industry investment funds with listed companies
    Developing four Internet products
    Introducing the 2nd strategic investment
    Setting up our first FOF

  • 2016

    Zero2IPO Group was authorized by NDRC to build the only credit investigation system in VC/PE sector
    Setting up six FOFs in a row

  • 2017

    Establishing SandHill College, Zero2IPO’s training brand
    Launching Deal Market, the online investment and financing platform
    Opening of the online VC/PE investment school——Sand College

  • 2018

    Releasing the “F40” Chinese Young Investors ranking

  • 2019

    The AUM of Zero2IPO Group exceeded 30 billion yuan

  • 2020

    Listing of Zero2IPO Holdings Inc. on HKEx (HKG: 1945)

  • 2021

    Zero2IPO International was established as an international financial institution based in Hong Kong and facing the world
    Launching PEDATA MAX, the SaaS system specialized in private equity
    Rolling out of Zero2IPO Securities APP, the investment bank providing one-stop financial services