Venture Services, consisting of Zero2IPO Research, Zero2IPO Media and Zero2IPO Training, provide leading and all-round entrepreneurial and investment services in China.

Zero2IPO Research, one of the leading VC/PE research institutions in China, boasts comprehensive VC/PE data system and competitiveness in industry research and consulting. 

Zero2IPO Media, the one-stop service platform affiliated to Zero2IPO Group, specializes in news & information, industry communication, brand promotion and investment & financing connection for China’s entrepreneurial and investment industry. It has built the most powerful investor and entrepreneur network in China.

Zero2IPO Training, built on Zero2IPO Group’s resources and experience over the years, strives to become a professional platform for investor training. SandHill College, the affiliated high-end education brand, is intended to be the West Point in China’s investment circle.


Zero2IPO Research, the leading VC/PE research authority in China. It has been committed to providing professional information, data, research, consulting and training services for limited partners, government agencies, VC/PE firms, strategic investors, as well as law firms, accounting firms, etc. It has such brands as Zero2IPO Research, PEdata, Zero2IPO Advisory, Zero2IPO Industry Research, and Zero2IPO Investment College.

As of 2017, Zero2IPO Research has continuously improved its influence and maintained its leading position in the industry. It has provided services for more than 700 organizations, including the NDRC, MST, CSRC and other regulatory authorities and over 40 provincial and municipal financial offices, NDRC, STB and other institutions and it is deeply involved in market analysis and related policy formulation.

Zero2IPO Research serves as a service provider for national ministry and local government guidance fund due diligence and investment consultation. It has provided due diligence and performance evaluation services to nearly 100 regions, including the Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Guidance Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and government guidance funds of Jilin, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shandong, and Tianjin.

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