Innovation space services, referring to Fund Space and Zero2IPO Space, introduce competitive industry resources of Zero2IPO Group according to actual demands.

Fund Space——a co-working space for funds that integrates services like capital connection, registration procedures and administrative affairs, to meet their demand for efficient and convenient one-stop mobile working.

Zero2IPO Space——a physical innovative incubator. It gathers the Group’s almost 20-year advantageous resources in VC/PE and entrepreneurial services, and offers one-stop services for TMT startups. 


Fund establishment

Registration of private equity investment funds and management companies

To optimize the fund registration process and simplify the fund registration procedures. To handle the whole process free of charge on behalf of the company.

No enterprise personnel needed. Bank accounts and taxes are tracked in an all-round way, and licenses are granted in two weeks.

An account opening permit can be granted in one day, and the registration can be completed within 15-20 days.

Manager registration guidance

Full due diligence to clarify the current situation of enterprises and issue professional private fund registration solutions.
To introduce professional service agencies, guide and assist in the preparation of submission materials.
To submit materials, follow up the AMAC's feedback, and complete the registration efficiently.

Product design and issue filing

To prepare a complete set of due diligence access materials, fund contracts and various filing materials.
To reasonably avoid mistakes in product reporting, submit to AMAC and follow up feedback.
To introduce institutions of fundraising supervision, custody and operation outsourcing.

Fund operation

Fund Office and Communication Activities

The physical mobile office space, comfortable environment and convenient location can meet the needs of many fund teams for settling, working and holding conference.Various events such as investment salons, investment and financing matching, project roadshows, interpretation of hot topics and personnel training are held on a regular basis.

Tax policy consultation and declaration

To help the fund understand the preferential tax policies around the country, reasonably comply with tax regulations and reduce the fund's tax burden.At the same time, we will strive for specific enterprise support and various subsidies. The service includes policy consultation and policy declaration assistance.

Local Resources and Industry Matching

With Zero2IPO Group's core resources and brand advantages in VC/PE investment and entrepreneurial services in the past 20 years, Zero2IPO has maintained long-term cooperation with local governments.

We can realize seamless connection between fund and government, timely track of policies and precise connection of demand. We will match the fund with local listed companies and industrial resources, promote capital to serve the real economy and realize the combination of capital and industrial development. At the same time, we can regularly deliver high-quality local projects to the fund, provide investors with services such as investment and financing information screening, matching and pushing, and help the fund to accurately match and connect with local projects.

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